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Institute of Thracology - Bulgarian Academy of Science
 Institute of Thracology

The Institute of Thracology conducts and coordinates research on Ancient Thrace and the Thracians in the context of the Paleo-Balcan studies, which, in turn, researches the pre-Greek and non-Greek components of the ancient Balkan and Western Asian-Minor cultural-historical space.

The Institute is the single specialized scientific organization which studies the ancient history and culture of the Thracians, as well as their relationships with other Paleo-nations in South-Eastern Europe and Asia Minor (today�s Turkey, Greece, the island of Crete, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia and Montenegro, Cyprus, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine). The Institute�s time-span of research is until the formation of the Byzantine Empire and the First Bulgarian Empire (5 mil. BC � 4-7 c. AD).

The Institute of Thracology is the permanent home for the secretariat of the International Council for Indo-European and Thracian Studies (ICITS) from its creation. The International Council is the chief organizer and coordinator of the world congresses in Thracology.

So far nine congresses have taken place. This year, due to the big discoveries in the field of Thracology during the last couple of years, the Tenth (Jubilee) Congress of Thracology will take place in the city of Athens ahead of schedule.

The Institute, together with the secretariat of the ICITS published annually the Orpheus. Journal of Indo-European and Thracian Studies magazine in all European languages. The Institute wishes to acquaint the international scientific and cultural community with the achievements of Bulgarian science, as well as with publications of foreign scientists regarding Bulgarian discoveries in the field of Thracology. The magazine circulates in the world�s largest science libraries.